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Meeting Friends through art & wine

Gabrielle's Art Show just hosted our first Wine & Watercolor Night with Matter of Wine's Sommelier Murphy Perng at Frame Los Angeles's living spaces. As always, our mission is to bring people together and make connections through feeling alive!! The evening was full of laughter, play, and creativity. We know that people are now seeking spaces that encourage and initiate face-to-face connection, and we know how important it is to our wellness to engage in social interactions with others. Huge thank you to all our participants for showing up, Murphy and Carla for helping facilitate, and my friend Nina for all the presence and assistance!

We'd love to help give guests a chance to center and relax at your next gathering or event. It has been great to see people meet each other and have plenty to chat about through these activities.

Thank you for reading,

Gabrielle's Art Show

Founder & Artist

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