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How I turn drawings into Swimwear

This swimwear line was inspired by getting in the water with friends and family and just having the best time, forgetting all our worries, and feeling alive!!! Designing a swim & surf wear line that combines artistic expression with functional fashion became a dream of mine this year after spending many mornings surfing in chilly waters. In this blog post, I'll take you through the process, sharing how I brought my vision to life.

1. Concept and Inspiration

First, I thought up this enormous undertaking because I have that trait where I see something I like and I think to myself "I could make that." My swimwear designs are inspired by friends and family and the stories we've woven by spending time in and around the water. My goal is to help us get into the water this summer and every summer after this. I love when we all get together in community and we are filled with peace.

2. Designing the Artwork

I started with sketches and mood boards, choosing themes, colors, and motifs that bring joy. I used digital tools including my iPad, Apple Pencil, and Procreate App.

3. Preparing Artwork for Fabric

Once the artwork was complete, the next step was to prepare them for printing. This involved adjusting colors, creating repeat patterns, and ensuring that the designs would fit well on the swimwear fabric. This stage took months and required a lot of attention to detail, as I wanted to make sure that the final product would look as beautiful as the original artwork.

4. Printing the Artwork on Fabric

Choosing the right printing method was crucial to maintaining the integrity of my designs. After researching various techniques, I decided on sublimation printing on recycled material. This method allows for vibrant colors and precise detail, ensuring that my artwork would be beautifully represented on the swimwear fabric.

5. Final Thoughts

Reflecting on this journey, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. I'm so thankful to be creating every day, getting inspired by the ocean, and sharing my joy with you all!! Bringing my artwork to life on swimwear has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It has allowed me to share my passion for the ocean and my artistic vision through something tangible.

I encourage everyone to pursue their own creative projects, no matter how daunting or ridiculous they may seem. The process of turning a vision into reality is immensely fulfilling, and the challenges we encounter along the way only make the final product more meaningful.

I would love to hear your thoughts and questions about this journey. Please feel free to share in the comments below.


If you’re as excited about these designs as I am, I invite you to explore my swimwear line. You can purchase these unique pieces here. As a special thank you to my blog readers, enjoy 10% off with the code "blog10" at checkout. And always free shipping.

For more updates and behind-the-scenes content, follow my journey on Instagram. I'm happy to be connected to you!


Thank you for joining me on this journey of a few months. I hope this post has provided valuable insights into the process of creating a custom swimwear line. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated. Let's continue to coexist in beauty and peace.

Gabi Chen Gracilla

Founder & Artist

Gabrielle's Art Show

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