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What I packed for a mural painting

I use water-based acrylic paint. I find its application to be easiest. I've tried tempera and I strongly prefer acrylic. I get mine from the local art store, the not-so-local art store, and Home Depot.

2. Tape

I bring painter's tape to line borders or walls, or as a ruler to keep words straight. I didn't end up using it this time!

3. Paint brush

I brought a few paint brushes of various size and shape. My favorite was the angled one from Home Depot that I purchased for about $5. I wish I had a slightly bigger one, but I made do!

4. Water containers

I brought a couple of containers and glass jars to fill with water to rinse off my brushes. I make sure to ask for access to water on-site, otherwise I'd bring my own.

5. Paint palette

I brought this paint palette and a couple plastic bowls to pour my paint into. If I use the sample sizes from Home Depot, I can just dip straight from there. Anything can work for a paint palette. I've used paper plates, cardboard boxes, bucket lids, whatever I can find!

6. Towel

I bring a bath towel to wipe and dry my brushes.

7. Tarp

I used this at the beginning for the first panel. I left my paint on top of it and continued to work on the other panels without moving it. I like to keep my paint drips on it, and when I feel confident enough to stop using it, then I just leave it where it is. I use this 6ft one over and over again.

8. Water bottle

I get so thirsty. Painting is physical labor! We're on our feet for hours, reaching, and holding poses. Stay hydrated!! Snack, too, if desired.

9. GoPro

Anything to document and take photos for future reference. A phone camera would suffice. I only used it on the final day.

10. Posca markers

I love these for little details and outlines. I bring white and black.

11. Paper towels & glass cleaner

I brought this to clean the glass.

12. Printed photo of mock-up

I digitally drew my designs beforehand and requested feedback from the owner. We discussed it for a few days till we were both happy with the final design. I brought this for easy reference.

Here are some final close-up images!

I would love to hear what you would pack for murals. Feel free to leave some ideas in the comments below!

For more updates and behind-the-scenes content, follow my journey on Instagram. I'd love to connect with you!

 Thank you for reading,

Gabi Chen Gracilla

Founder & Artist

Gabrielle's Art Show

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