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Your Liberation Is Bound With Mine

The surfboard I hand-painted for Priscilla Hsu ( my friend and member of Birth Workers of Color Collective.

We co-created a vision based off the phrase "Your liberation is bound with mine." I incorporated themes of liberation and coexistence through the imagery of birds, plants, and the ocean. I used colors that invoke feelings of freedom with blues and greens, as well as vibrant hues for resiliency and pleasure. We pulled the lettering out of the image to give it full spotlight - it cannot be missed! We love the grooviness of the lettering font itself as it speaks to play and boundlessness. It has personal touches for Priscilla specifically as a Southern Californian surfer - we included animals and plants that are native to the area and that are regularly seen on the coast.

As a collaborative process, I involved her by sharing sketches and progress updates, received feedback to make sure we stay aligned with our vision, and created unique bonds by surfing together when exchanging the canvas board!

We each have found immense resilience and pleasure in the ocean, and as I hand-painted each brushstroke, I continue to wish her joy on many waves.

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