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Loving Greetings! 

I love to create. It’s all energy, and it shows in the art. There is no good, no bad - just an acceptance for what is. We’re all in between, flowing, vibrating. My art is my gift to the world. My paintings reflect the communities around me, and my well wishes to hold all beings in harmonious unity. I embody the art of movement and creation to express visions of peace for us. I pour my love, energy, and labor into my work and I draw from the passion of the experiences I have lived. 


Ultimately, my art is a means for peace, wellness, and empowerment. It's my tribute to family, a vehicle for mindful meditation, and an experience to manifest the beauty and serenity I wish to see in the world.


With loving kindness,


Gabi is a painter, surfboard artist, digital illustrator, and muralist at Gabrielle’s Art Show.

With an artistic journey spanning over 8 years,

Gabi has painted 10 surfboards and murals,

hosted 2 pop-up markets,

featured in 4 press releases, and

exhibited her 1st artwork at Sovern Gallery in LA.

As an advocate for maternal wellness, Gabi donates a portion of her proceeds to

the local non-profit Birth Workers of Color Collective.

Untitled_Artwork 4.png

You can find Gabi in the salty seas off the coast of southern california.


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